The 5 major dangers of male obesity

When you get up and open your eyes, don’t support your hands and sit up slowly. Straighten your feet, tilt your body forward, try to keep your body on your leg, hold your feet with your hands, then breathe deeply and tighten your abdomen. It’s easy to kill 10 calories for you as long as it is repeated 2 times.

Taking a walk can give you a better appreciation of nature and the fresh air, and it’s a great help to lose weight. Walking is the easiest and easy exercise. The farther you walk, the more heat you burn. Tired of urban air pollution and complex noise, rather than to a relaxing walk outside!

As early as a few years ago, there had been an artificial set of weight loss for apple, and an upsurge of Apple weight loss. In fact, apple is indeed a slimming fruit. It has rich pectin, accelerating detoxification and reducing heat absorption. In addition, Apple has many potassium and can prevent leg edema. Slowly chewing a little hard apple, releasing the ingredients, not only full of satiety, but also his calorie calories are not high.

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