What you should know before using cupping way to lose weight

No matter what is the choice of weight loss methods are to eat, people live to eat in the world, no matter what the circumstances, weight loss for people who may be we will take on a diet, in fact this is not correct, may wish to choose a cupping method to lose weight, the body is very good when the cupping weight must pay attention to diet principles.

Gradually reduce the intake of energy and assist in a moderate amount of physical activity. In adults with mild obesity, the weight loss of 0.5kg to 1.0kg is suitable for each month, that is to reduce the energy intake of 125kcal to 250kcal every day. The weight loss of the obese adults and above is 2kg to 5.0kg, and the energy intake of 510kcal to 1280kcal is reduced every day. 2, right amount of protein: while taking a low energy diet, the supply of protein should account for 20~30 of the total energy supply. If you eat too much protein, it can cause damage to the liver and kidney function.

Excessive intake of fat in the diet can cause ketosis, limited energy supply at the same time to limit the supply of dietary fat, especially animal fats supply. Fat easily precipitates in the four sides of the subcutaneous tissue and viscera, which leads to the occurrence of fatty liver and some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Obesity should be controlled by 25~30 of the total energy intake.