Some ways to lose weight fast

This is the most commonly used abdominal weight loss method, using rubbing to promote stomach peristalsis, promote blood circulation, let metabolic waste discharge in vitro, improve constipation. The massage method is with the belly button as the center, in the abdomen to hit a question mark, along the question mark massage, first right, then left, each massage 30-50, every day massage 1 times.

It is through the stimulation and massage near the navel, adjusting the function of neuroendocrine, promoting the metabolism and decomposition of fat. Massage can also promote blood circulation, expand the blood vessels of the skin, increase the local body surface temperature, and promote subcutaneous fat consumption. But the most important thing is to master the correct techniques and acupoints.

The supermarket or grocery store can buy salt. Before bath, take a cup of salt to add a little hot water, mix into a paste, then it is applied to the abdomen. 10 minutes later, with hot water to wash salt, also can massage and then wash away, then you can take a bath. Or, after a shower, sprinkle a tablespoon coarse salt in the palm, massage the abdomen directly, do not rub too hard, so as not to rub the skin more rough.

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